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Radar Graphite Vapor Water Ski 2018

Radar Graphite Vapor Slalom Water Ski 2018

The Radar Graphite Vapor features a polyurethane core in the body of a Radar Vapor. Polyurethane is damper foam, allowing the ski to sit a little deeper in the water, which makes for more progressive turns. Those skiing in a mix of open water and slalom course favor the Graphite construction.

Radar Water Ski Technology

Chris Rossi set out to recreate Radar’s new flagship ski with one goal in mind. He wanted to design a ski that carried more speed and generated better angle than anything on the market. Rounder bevels allow the ski to roll edge to edge quicker, ultimately sending you earlier into the buoy than ever before. A new concave gives the ski more support in the turn yielding tight, powerful turns that seem automatic. The final piece to the puzzle was the new rocker profile; moving the contact point closer to your feet makes the ski stay level throughout the entire pass. This increases speed behind the boat and allows you to carry this speed through the turn. The new Vapor is undoubtedly Radar’s best ski yet, give it a rip.


A new outline profile for Vapor in 2018 completely redefines what Radar previously thought possible on a ski. More width through the tail makes the ski sit more level and allows speed to be carried more consistently. The area directly under your front foot has an increased taper, which lets the ski move through the finish of the turn easier and allows the tip height to stay constant, ultimately increasing efficiency. The wide spot of the ski has been moved forward, which gives you the ability to stand over your front foot with confidence.


Rocker defines the pivot point on a ski; for 2018 Radar moved that contact point closer to the ball of your front foot, which helps the ski pivot easier. The tight radius quick turns are then balanced with the new tail rocker lines that add tail support off the buoy, giving you the ability to build more speed from a wider point. The last piece to the rocker profile is our updated tip rocker. More height here helps the finish of the turn happen more quickly and with more stability.


Radar increased concave depth through the front half of the Vapor in 2018. This added depth gives the ski more lifting properties which translates into support for the skier. Due to the increase in concave depth and added mass in the middle of the ski, Radar took out the step found in the previous version of the Vapor. Removal of the step puts more pressure on the bevels of the ski and gives the ski the ability to roll on edge easier; this provides more tip pull from apex to turn completion. More support combined with more pull is all any skier can ever ask for in a ski.


A new rounder bevel allows the Vapor to roll edge to edge more smoothly, provides the skier more ability to increase edge angle, and makes for smoother, more dynamic turns. The new bevels have increased contact with the water, which allow the ski to decelerate into the turn and allow the skier to have a tight line at apex. With the rope tight at the height of the turn the skier is able to generate speed from the wide point allowing for more angle and earlier lines in the course.


The addition of corrugated contours through the tip of the ski allows it to flex when loaded at the finish of the turn. Through the utilization of CorFlex, the ski is able to flex more with the same amount of carbon in the layup. By keeping the same amount of carbon, more energy can be created through the loading and unloading process in the turn. The ski is easier to turn, quicker to accelerate, and creates space more efficiently before the buoy with the addition of CorFlex.


66" (125lbs-180lbs)
67" (160lbs-200lbs)
68" (180lbs-220lbs)
69.5" (over 200 lbs)

Handmade at Radar Lake, Washington.

The Graphite Vapor Slalom Ski is available with Double Vector BOA Bindings.

Creating a paradigm shift in modern footwear. Radar pushes to dramatically improve your on-water experience through design, innovation and cutting-edge comfort. Our latest introductions, Carbitex CS6, Micro-Adjustable Boa and Wrap Tech, allow for an unprecedented connection between you and your ski. Designed by skiers, for skiers – enjoy the swerve.

Radar’s most versatile boot just got a promotion. The Vector LTD boot now includes the new IP1 micro-adjustable Boa system, allowing you to dial your perfect fit every set. The Vector LTD also received Wrap Tech upgrades to extend the connection from the Feather Frame Chassis to the top of the boot for ultimate response.

Vector LTD
- IP1 Micro-Adjustable Boa Lacing System
- Wrap Tech Level 2
- Feather Frame Chassis
- Molded 3D Tongue
- Symmetrical Fit
- PVC Free Construction

Vector Binding Sizes (men’s):
Small: 5-8
Standard: 7-11
XL: 10-14

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Radar Graphite Vapor Slalom Water Ski 2018 - Double BOA Vector Bindings
Sku: RR8219
Bart's Price: $1,239.99

Radar Graphite Vapor Slalom Water Ski 2018 - Blank
Sku: RR8211
Bart's Price: $999.99
no color choice
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