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Wakefoil OG Package

Wakefoil OG Package

Wakefoil OG Package


We’ve all dreamt of taking flight without the everyday boundaries of life to keep us grounded (gravity, wheels, physics, the ole ball ‘n’ chain, etc.). Some experience this sensation while snowboarding in chest-deep pow. Others find it free-falling thousands of feet out of planes.

Now with WAKEFOIL®, this feeling is no more than a boat ride away. With this new hydrofoil setup, you will fly high behind any boat type, and in any water and weather conditions. Hydrodynamics meets aerodynamics in the sleek design of the WAKEFOIL®. It allows you to effortlessly cut through the wildest wind chop and slice through the calmest of sheet glass, all while floating you high above the water.

Get ready for the wind in your face, the air under your feet and the incredible, thrilling sensation. Get your WAKEFOIL® today.


139 CM- Perfect size for any and all that want to elevate their ride this summer! This size was selected as the premium length for lift off and increased control.

WOOD CORE- The sleek, low volume profile of the all wood core enhance the aerodynamics of the foil system, allowing you to slice through the air, grinning from ear to ear with speed and grace. The wood core also brings added strength for increased durability and flex for your on water starts and finishes.

DIRECTIONAL ROCKER- The directional rocker shape of this board enhances the ease of lift off by providing an upward flair on the rails and added length and width in the nose. This nose allows you to float effortlessly on the water as you begin to engage the foil. The spoon like shape of the nose is designed to deter the board from pearling under the water, rather providing a soft landing when returning to the surface.


THE LOW ASPECT FRONT WING offers the perfect surface area-to-lift profile for first time hydrofoil flights to technical free riding tricks. This construction is easy to use and is highly durable. This wing set up will easily get you up on the foil and on plane in a matter of seconds.


THE 28” IN ALLOY FUSELAGE brings incredible strength and direction to the foil system. It's 28" length is perfect for stability at speed and pitch handling. It offers variable rear wing adjustments to allow riders to choose their own length setting. This gives the rider the ability to increase or decrease their turning radius and allow maximum control over their transition times providing a flight tailored for perfection for any and all riding styles.


THE LOW ASPECT REAR WING is perfectly shaped and angled for behind the boat glide speeds and high durability. When paired with the low aspect front wing the dynamic duo will have you up on the foil and soaring high in no time!

Optional Surf Pad Available:

The WAKEFOIL® EVA Surf Pad transforms your hydrofoil board into the ultimate surfing machine! It’s designed for full coverage of your hydrofoil board. Additionally, the effortless grip lets you get your elevated schwacks in and get barreled behind the boat all day long. The best part about this surf pad is that it comes with holes that align with the WAKEFOIL® binding inserts on the board, so you can still access the holes and assemble your bindings on top for maximum versatility. And did we mention how awesome it looks? Now you won’t feel too bad about covering up the killer graphic on the top of the board. Win-win! Wakefoil is the ultimate in hydrofoil technology and design. Get elevated.

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Wakefoil OG Package
Sku: WF8111
Bart's Price: $1,199.99

Wakefoil EVA Surf Pad
Sku: WF8P11
Bart's Price: $99.99
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