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Aquaglide Challenge Circuit 1

Aquaglide Challenge Circuit 1

For maximum capacity in larger formats such as Long Course (50m) and waterfront use, there is nothing that will bring smiles faster than a full size circuit! This course is tried-and-true, a proven performer that offers room for up to 60 users at once. Throughout the course, ultra-low profile SwimStep™XL platforms allow for easy entry at any station while a diverse selection of challenging features such as TANGO™, DELTA™, VISTA™, SIERRA™, FOXTROT™ and RUNWAY™ keep guests engaged for hours.

Size: Length 42 ft (12.8m) X Width 32 ft (9.8m)

Max capacity ~ 62 participants (at once)

Min Depth

RUN 1 (left vertical) TANGO™ 48" (1.20m)/ SS 48" (1.20m)/ Foxtrot™ 48" (1.20m)/ SS 48" (1.20m)/ TANGO™ 48" (1.20m)

RUN 2 (top horizontal) TANGO™ 48" (1.20m)/ SS 48" (1.20m)/ VISTA™ 65" (1.65m)/ SS 48" (1.20m)/ TANGO™ 48" (1.20m)

RUN 3 (right vertical) TANGO™ 48" (1.20m)/ RUNWAY™ 10 48" (1.20m)/ DELTA™ 48" (1.20m)/ RUNWAY™ 10 48" (1.20m)/ TANGO™ 48" (1.20m)

RUN 4 (bottom horizontal) TANGO™ 48" (1.20m)/ SS 48" (1.20m)/ SIERRA™ 57" (1.45m)/ SS 48" (1.20m)/ TANGO™ 48" (1.20m)

Circuit 1 - Technical Features:

Duratex™ :
Commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC material.

Ideally suited for watersports, Duratex™ material is the finest, commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC available. Each Aquaglide item uses Duratex™ material for maximum strength and durability.

UV Block™ :
Materials specially treated for high resistance to the sun's damaging rays.

Each Aquaglide item is treated with UV Block™, the highest grade 3-year UV coating available. While they recommend periodic maintenance with additional UV coatings, there is no substitute for having UV Block™ incorporated into the material right from the start. UV Block™, for years of trouble-free use.

RF Weld™ :
Radio frequency welded seams for high quality and outstanding durability.

‘RF’ or Radio Frequency Welding is the process used to fuse DuraTex™ material seams for years of trouble-free use. RF welding produces clean, strong seams with no unsightly glue marks or splits.

HA Weld™ :
Hot air-welded seams for high quality and outstanding durability.

‘HA’ or Hot Air Welding is the process used to fuse DuraTex™ material seams for years of trouble-free use. HA welding produces clean, strong seams with no unsightly glue marks or splits.

Interloc™ :
Heavy duty stainless fittings and convenient Interloc straps for modular use.

Aquaglide items connect to one another using the Interloc™ system. Soft webbing offers some flexibility, while remaining tough enough for years of service. Only Interloc™ blends the convenience of a cinch with the security of a locking connection.

QuickStrap™ :
This product includes Interloc™ QuickStraps™ for fast connections.

The highest grade of Interloc™ strap available, QuickStraps™ include #304 Stainless Steel buckle and snap hook making connections with other items a breeze.

EN Compliant :
This product complies with all DIN EN 15649 product safety standards.

DIN EN 15649 is a rigorous product safety standard designed specifically for floating leisure items.

HD Grip™ :
Incorporates heavy duty molded handles for convenient boarding and/or transport.

Heavy Duty molded handles allow for convenient boarding and/ or transport.

3 Year Limited Warranty against any and all manufacturing defects in residential use, 1 year in commercial use.

Circuit 1 -Functional Features:

SwimStep™ :
More than just a convenient way to board, the SwimStep™ access platform is the start of your Platinum™ aquapark. The SwimStep™ adds living space to each Platinum™ item! Incorporates heavy duty molded boarding handles, connects to Aquaglide Platinum™ items using Interloc™system.

Slide :
Capture the essence of the aquapark experience! Few things are more fun than whooshing into the water on a slide.

Climb :
Build eye-hand coordination, and appreciate a true sense of accomplishment on this climbing feature. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you climb!

Bounce :
Regardless of your age, few things capture childlike enthusiasm better than bouncing with wild abandon. Bounce for the sky on this item.

Balance :
Build balance skills, spar with a friend, or create a challenge course. This balance feature adds endless excitement to your aquapark.

Soak :
Play, splash or lounge in this uniquely contained soaker area. Perfect for younger children, or as a secluded getaway away from the crowd.

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Item Number: TY9384
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