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Dr. Shrink

"Suppliers of Premium Shrinkwrap & Accessories"


Advantages | Images | Recycling Program


Features and Benefits of Dr. Shrink's Shrinkwrapping Products

Dr. Shrink, Inc. offers a complete shrinkwrapping system used for covering almost any object. Our premium shrinkwrap is used in many manufacturing applications for covering large products against weather damage during transportation or storage. Along with shrinkwrap, Dr. Shrink offers specialized tapes to attach wrap, vents to eliminate moisture under the shrinkwrap, and a recycling program for used shrinkwrap to keep it out of landfills.


Advantages of using Dr. Shrink, Inc. include:

  1. Shrinkwrap protects against weather damage. Our shrinkwrap is waterproof and can be sealed around entire units to eliminate any weather related losses.

  2. Shrinkwrap is easily applied. By using the logical steps to install our shrinkwrap, as shown on the training video, you will find it easier to shrinkwrap than tarp.

  3. Shrinkwrap will not chafe or damage covered products. When properly applied, shrinkwrap will not move or chafe like heavy, dirty tarps can when covering boats being transported or stored.

  4. Our shrinkwrap covers can be ventilated. To eliminate moisture and mildew problems.

  5. Shrinkwrap is cost effective. Our durable, UV protected shrinkwrap is only pennies per square foot and provides superb protection against the elements.

  6. Dr. Shrink offers a complete package. Simplifies and helps eliminate the problems typically associated with shipping and storage protection on all size products.



Dr. Shrink Shrinkwrap Roll

Dr. Shrink Hardware Kit

Dr. Shrink Installation Kit


Premium Shrink Wrap

6 and 7 mil blue shrinkwrap in widths of 17' - 32'. It contains maximum UV inhibitors and is an extremely consistent mil thickness.

Dr. Shrink's DS-789 Heat Tool

Our propane heat tool gives you the "most bang for your btu" when shrinkwrapping. Weighing in at only 2.1 pounds, it puts out 300,000 btu's while using a minimum of propane. The DS-789 comes with adjustable regulator, 25' propane hose, 4" and 18" extension, and training video. You'll cut your shrinking time in half- and have a tighter, more protective cover with the DS-789.

Dr. Shrink's DS-0015 Training Video

A professionally produced, step-by-step guide to shrinkwrapping a boat. It logically and safely guides the wrapper through installation of a support structure, putting on the wrap, heating, venting and repairing holes.

Dr. Shrink's Heat Shrink and Preservation Tape

Heat Shrink Tape is used to repair holes in the shrinkwrap and to attach doors and vents. Contains UV inhibitors for long term storages. Leaves minimum adhesive residue on hulls. 2" wide.

Dr. Shrink's Woven Cord Strapping

3/4" width. Used with wooden uprights and buckles to form the support structure under shrinkwrap covers.

Dr. Shrink's Buckle

3/4" buckles are used to adjust strapping to the proper taughtness.

Dr. Shrink's Coast-To-Coast REBAG Recycling Program

Our simple, yet very effective recycling program allows you to recycle your shrinkwrap scraps and entire covers very easily. The REBAG kit consists of 30" x 50" clear bag with cover removal directions imprinted on it, a closure device for the bag, and a prepaid UPS return label- all neatly packaged in a hanging bag.

To use the REBAG simply follow the directions imprinted on it- cut off the cover above the perimeter band (remove strapping, vents, etc.), stuff the bag, close it with the cable tie provided, and attach the prepaid UPS authorized return label. The full REBAG will now be picked up by UPS when they make deliveries, or it can be taken to a UPS service center. Each REBAG will approximately hold the cover from a 26' powerboat or 600 square feet of plastic.

Dr. Shrink's REBAG program gives you:

  1. A fixed cost per unit for recycling- bill your customer when the cover is sold.

  2. An easy way to keep this recyclable material (#4LDPE) out of landfills.

  3. Free pickup on a daily basis in the spring- so your facility remains clean.