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Sting Ray Hydrofoil Stabilizer

The Sting Ray Hydrofoil Stabilizer, through its advanced design, creates upward thrust on its under side to provide lift, bringing the stern up and forcing the bow down. Even at low speeds, the boat is brought up on plane and out of the "hole" in less than 12 the normal time. Unlike trim tabs, the Sting Ray has very low drag co-efficient to bring out the hidden peak performance of every boat. The Sting Ray enables boats to handle, track and ride better. The Sting Ray is virtually unbreakable. Satisfaction is guaranteed. The Sting Ray Hydrofoil Stabilizer is the answer to better performance for all types of boats.

* Forces stern up.
* Keeps bow down.
* Eliminates cavitation.
* Saves on fuel costs.
* Increases boating safety.
* Stops porpoising.
* Available in black or white.

Other so called foils (actually only planing aids) may claim to be a stabilizer, but fail to perform. Some even use the name stabilizer without understanding what it means. Sting Ray keeps performing all day long. As long as the boat is in the water and moving, the Sting Ray keeps on working. The Sting Ray eliminates the need for troublesome trim tabs. It's patented, high-tech shape causes water to flow over its surface, hydrodynamically creating upward thrust pressure on the underside surface. Scientific principles go to work the moment the propeller start turning. Up-ward pressure lifts the hull, resulting in less drag since less of the boat is in the water. Sting Ray's wings then stabilize the water pressure, keeping the boat stable and safe. By staying in the water, the Sting Ray keeps on working.


With a Sting Ray Hydrofoil Stabilizer, you're up on plane in less than half the time it normally takes

With a Sting Ray Hydrofoil Stabilizer, you're up on plane in less than half the time it normally takes. When it comes to getting a boat out of the hole, nothing else comes close. Water skiers are amazed at the difference. They're up and skiing faster and easier than ever before. What's more, the smoother wake makes skiing more enjoyable for beginners and experts alike. Professional powerboat racers use the Sting Ray to help win races. They know a better hole shot helps them gain an extra edge right from the start. It's the choice of champions. Fishermen, both professional and weekenders, appreciate the Sting Ray for its quicker planing. Rather than being bogged down, they're headed for the choice fishing spots. For pros, it can be the difference between a winner or an also ran. For the pleasure fisherman, it's the best thing to happen to a boat since the outboard. Increased safety also comes to users of the Sting Ray. With the bow down, visibility is increased and control improved. Some insurance companies even offer a discount to Sting Ray-equipped boats.



Eliminates Chinewalking
By their very design, ''V" bottom boats are susceptible to chinewalking. This dangerous side-to-side raking lessens control and performance. Again, the Sting Ray's wings go to work. The stabilizing action balances the boat to keep it upright and moving forward without a hassle.

Sting Ray stops a boat from porpoising
Porpoising is the name given to the forward and back motion some boats make while riding on the water. Picture a porpoise leaping through the water and you get the idea. It may fine for them, but its murder on a boat's performance, comfort and safety. This pounding causes many people to ride only in the very back of the boat. After all, who wants to get bounced around all day? Sting Ray corrects this action, providing you with more comfort, safety and performance.


Stingray Junior Hydrofoil Stabilizer

For 11/2 to 25 HP MOTORS

Now, boats with small motors can enjoy the benefits of a Sting Ray. The Sting Ray Junior is adjustable to fit cavitations plates on boat motors from 11/2 to 25 HP. Get up on plane in less than 1/2 the time. Gives smoother boat stability and improves control and ride. Can save 10-40% on fuel and add to top end speed. When fitted with Sting Ray Torque Equalizers, the Sting Ray Junior eliminates dangerous steering torque.

The Sting Ray Junior

* Adjustable *
Forces Stern Up and Bow Down
* Eliminates Cavitation and Porpoising
* Easy Installation
* No Maintenance Required
* Virtually Unbreakable
* Lifetime Warranty
* High Gloss Black

Small boats with low horsepower motors suffer greatly from lack of performance. For instance, getting out of the hole takes forever. Slow speed is common. Their light weight causes all sorts of weight distribution problems. Bow rise occurs all too often. Since small boats act and react differently than their larger counterparts, a special performance solution is required.
Sting Ray has it.
It's the only Performance product specifically made for small boats. Adjustable to at any size motor from 1 1/2 to 40 HP, the Sting Ray Junior makes small boats perform like never before. It's perfect for aluminum boats, jon boats and inflatables . The Sting Ray Junior didn't happen by accident. Designed through computerized engineering, Sting Ray Junior uses scientific principles to improve small boat performance. Its high-tech shape directs the water over its surface to create just the right lift for small boats. The results are fantastic. Smoother stability. More control. Superior ride. Improved fuel economy. And higher speeds. Nothing else works as well.